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Nightmare Dreamscapes Paint the Subconcious Horizon

Into the vortex

1 February 1981
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I'm Aubrey.

Welcome to the receptacle for all my brain vomits and word dribblings.

I'm a lot of things. I'm a freak, but I like to think I'm a loveable freak. I never have enough time in my day to do all the things I want.

It's too cold for banana popcicles. But that's just my opinion.

I'm socially awkward. Incapable of displaying inner emotion to the outside world. I bottle up and withdraw. This journal is an attempt, a first step, a sounding board, for me to try and change that. Practice for my emotional projection. I write for me. I write for outide response and input. I write to fight the social/emotional disconnect I constantly feel. Connect with me.

The Dresden Dolls are rock love

absinthe, adventuring, aerospace engineering, alice in wonderland, alzheimers research, anthropology, apples, aquarians, astral projection, astronomy, astrophysics, bad b-horror movies, banana popcicles, batman, battle wounds, biting, black, blackouts, bonfires, books, borderline personality disorder, btvs, burlesque, camping and hiking, candle lit showers, cemeteries, clockwork faces, cooking, corn pops, corsets, cosmology, costuming, crazy hair, cutting, dancing, dragons, dream interpretation, dresden dolls, dripping wax, edgar allen poe, electric violin, elves, ethnic food, exercise, exploding random things, fae, fantasy, fetish, fighting, fishnets, forests, friends, frosting, funny hats, garb, gears, gender orientation, getting lost, gothic art, h3s, halloween, harry potter, headstones, health, house three skulls, individuality, intelligence, knee high boots, labyrinth, legend, lesbians, lord of the rings, lust, mad science, magick, martial arts, masks, masquerades, mead, mechanisms, meditation, middle eastern dance, monsters, movies, music, my kitty, mythology, nerds, night dreaming, old muscle cars, orgasms, original fairy tales, paleontology, pansexuality, pennsic, pickle forks, pin-up girls, playing pool, rain, reading, reflections, rockets, roller derby, running, sarcasm, scars with stories, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, sour patch kids, stargazing, steampunk, stellar explosions, stellar implosions, swords, taoism, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, theatre/opera, this section frustrates me, thunderstorms, ties, traveling, truth or dare, urban scavenger hunts, vampires, varga girls, vegan food, victorian houses, victorian/neo victorian, violin, vodka, weight lifting, witty conversation, x-men, zen